• H 916 Fume hood

    12,904,000 Tomans

    H 916 Fume hood

    Italian made grey Schott Glass has been used to manufacture 915 Fume hood. Schott is the main glass manufacturing company in the world. Teflon-coated turbo-engine is the heart of this fume hood, which well removes the food smells from the kitchen area, thanking to its high suction ability.

    • Italian shot glass
    • Three – layers aluminum filters
    • All metal powerful turbo engine
  • 909 Hood Fume

    10,231,000 Tomans

    909 Hood Fume

    909 hood fume has a strong Teflon-coated turbo-engine. Electric jack is used in this model of Master Plus brand hood fumes to open/close hood front panel. A series of decorative lamps are installed at the panel section of these hoods, to multiple the product beauty.

    • Electrical jack
    • All metal powerful turbo engine
    • Three – layers aluminum filters
  • ناموجود

    907 Hood Fume

    Oil mist collector prevents oil mist from entering into the engine, where unwanted oil mists are collected, and two-piece cover, which both provides a good appearance and flexible installations in cabinets with 60~100cm heights, as well as two small and big size filters.

    • Three – layers aluminum filters
    • All metal powerful turbo engine
    • Power led lights
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